Yarrambat Primary School has an inclusive Physical Education program that aims to improve and develop our students’ fitness, skills and knowledge. Our lessons are activity based and focus on developing knowledge of the correct technique when performing a skill, building an understanding of various sports and an awareness of rules as students move from Prep to Grade 6. All students receive one hour of PE each week and the areas covered throughout the year include Athletics, Fundamental Motor Skills, Ball Handling, Minor Games, Sport Specific Games, Fitness and Dance.

A very strong focus in our Early Years programs (Prep-Grade 2) is building students’ Fundamental Motor Skills. There are 11 Fundamental Motor Skills which work to improve children’s basic coordination. These skills are: Catch, Kick, Run, Vertical Jump, Overhand Throw, Bouncing, Leap, Dodge, Punt Kick, Forehand Strike and Two Hand Strike. These skills form the basis for the development of higher level sport specific skills such as jumping for a mark in football etc. Fundamental Motor Skills are taught during specific activity rotations and mini games which practise the use of various skills.

Middle and Upper School students participate in sport specific games throughout the year. This gives many students a chance to learn a new sport. It allows them to develop their hand-eye coordination, participate in modified games, learn the rules and play games in the correct format. During this time there is also a strong focus placed on fitness and health and how it relates to particular sports.

The Athletics program take place in term 1 culminating with our Athletics Day for Middle and Upper School students. During this unit students participate in technique development sessions which cover the throwing events (shot put and discus) and jumping events (long jump, triple jump and high jump). Modified equipment is used in many of these disciplines to ensure students are learning the appropriate skills in a safe and supported environment.

Throughout the year, students at Yarrambat Primary School have many opportunities to showcase their sporting talents. As a member of the Diamond Valley Primary Schools Sport Association (D.V.P.S.S.A) students are able to compete against schools in the district at Swimming, Cross Country, Athletics, Tennis and Golf. Our Interschool Sports program provides opportunities for our Upper School students to compete against district schools in Cricket, Rounders, Basketball, Bat Tennis, Football, Soccer, Netball and Softball.

During the year Yarrambat also hold many special sporting events including Footy Day, Hoop Time for middle school, Rugby clinics, Basketball clinics and our annual Volleyball Tournament.