Performing Arts covers the areas of Dance, Drama, Media and Music. At Yarrambat Primary School all students from Prep to Grade 6 participate in 1 hour of Performing Arts per week for one semester of the year. Students are involved in planning, creating and presenting arts works that communicate ideas, concepts, observations feelings and/or experiences. They demonstrate an emerging ability to select, arrange and make choices about expressive ways of using art elements, principles and/or conventions. They explore and use skills, techniques, processes, media, materials, equipment, instruments and technologies in a range of art forms. Students identify, describe and discuss characteristics of their own and others’ art works. They are given opportunities to work both individually and collaboratively with their peers to create works in the areas of drama, music, dance and media.

Students are offered the opportunity to learn an instrument through the Instrumental Music program offered at Yarrambat Primary School.