Our Programs - VISUAL ARTS

Students attend the Visual Arts program for the duration of a semester. During that time they make and respond to artworks, develop skills, techniques and processes, and use a variety of materials as they explore a range of forms, styles and contexts.

During the program students are exposed to the art elements of painting, drawing, textiles, modelling and printing.

The Visual Arts program follows the DREAMER sequence of learning where students partake in;
Discussion – involves discussing materials, techniques and processes involved in creating their artwork.
Research – involves looking at the works of other artists and using their work for inspiration.
Experiment – involves testing various materials, techniques and processes and experimenting with lines, shapes, colours, texture, space, forms and value.
Art Making – involves students drawing on their research and experimentation to create their own artwork, this could be inspired by other artists or from their own imagination.
Exhibiting – involves students works being exhibited around the school and art room, this also involves a bi-annual art show, where the community is invited to view the students’ work.
Response – involves students reflecting on their work and providing peer feedback.

Student testimonials:
‘It’s an awesome facility to work in’ – Koby, US
‘It’s wonderful how many materials we get to use’ – Taylah, US
‘I like the art room because it’s a colourful environment to work in’ – Olivia, US
‘I like the way our art work is displayed’ – Tilly, US
‘I like mixing colours together’ – Christian, JS
‘I really like painting’ – Emilia, JS