Our Programs - PRE-PREP

Our Pre-Prep program usually begins in Week 5 of Term 3. In the program enrolled future preps visit the school for an hour a week. The Pre-Prep program gives us an opportunity to work with your child and get to know them individually before forming the grades for the next year. By doing this we can identify their needs both emotionally and educationally and pair them with a suitable teacher for those needs.

We also look at their friendships both within the program and at Kindergarten before making the grades. Within the Pre-Prep program the children will work both inside and outside.

Within the Pre-Prep room they will work on literacy and numeracy skills and some games or activities will be provided for them to continue playing these at home.

Outside we focus on some fundamental skills in Physical Education as well as learning how to play together by setting your rules and being respectful.

Our Grade 5 children work within the program, as the following year they will be the Prep children’s Grade 6 buddies.

This program runs until the end of November. By this stage, you will have received a letter to tell you which grade your child will be in for the following year.

Parents are welcome to stay at the school during Pre-Prep, however we ask that the children are signed into the program and then parents can use the staffroom as a meeting point to talk with other new parents.