Our Programs - TRANSITION

In December, our whole school goes into the next year's grades for three half days. On each of these days the new preps come to school for the half days.

In the lead up to the three half days, the children already at school will have selected a list of friends who they feel that they work well with in the classroom. Sometimes we will ask them to select another person if we feel that they do not work well together. As the grades for the following year are built our aim is to ensure that every child has one person from their list with them in the new grade.

When children move into their grades for these three half days they will be in the room with their teacher that they will have the following year. We have a catch phrase which is, “Same, Same but Different,” which describes the fact that most of the practices in a new grade or unit are the same with only a small change in some things.

Throughout this process, it is important to maintain a positive outlook with your child and not fall into “The PIT.” All of our transition programs are designed to support your child in making a change from one year to the next in a seamless fashion.