Our Programs - STEM

We are super excited to be introducing you to the new STEM program at Yarrambat PS! The most asked question so far has been….”What is STEM?’.

The STEM curriculum covers a broad range of the Victorian Curriculum. This includes Science, Technology (both Digital and Design), Engineering and Mathematics. This cross-disciplinary approach emphasises a high level of student exploration, problem solving, critical and creative thinking and collaborative learning.

STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) learning is a fantastic way of encouraging our students to think about real life problems and how they can solve them. When given a problem to work on, students use knowledge gained in science, maths and technology sessions to design a solution, then work to engineer it using the available resources. STEM learning requires skills such as team work, problem-solving and perseverance as the students work through the process of testing and modifying their projects until they are satisfied with the results. 

Throughout the year all the students will get to participate in the STEM program. Our Preps, Junior and Upper School will be doing the STEM program for half the year, with the other half of the year dedicated to Digital Technologies within their classroom. Middle School will be participating in the STEM program for the whole year and will take on some of the exciting roles and opportunities our program has to offer.

Our STEM room is also guarded safely by Squirt the turtle and his fishy friends. If you would like to see what Squirt and his friends are up to just click on the turtle below!

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